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Semaglutide/ GLP-1 Weight Loss Program


3 months

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We at Fit Bella Sculptory are excited to offer a Semaglutide / Trizepitide injections weight loss program in Denison and through out Texas. This medication, most famously marketed under the brand name Ozempic® / Mounjaro®, is a protective factor, minimizing the risk of developing life-altering and potentially deadly conditions such as heart disease, high blood sugar and stroke.We recognize that obesity is a chronic disease regulated by our hormones. So, being overweight is not a matter of willpower. We have the tools, science, and support to make a real difference in your weight. Our multi-dimensional approach to weight loss works with patients–not against them. In this manner, we get actual and sustained results—no more yo-yo dieting; no more gaining back all the weight that may have been lost (and then some). This program combines clinically proven medication, coaching and accountability which is a very powerful combination.

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Whats's included in the program?

  • Weekly in-office Semaglutide injections. Semaglutide boosts the production of insulin. It decreases hunger by regulating the hormones responsible for body weight. This medication is appropriate for individuals aged 18 and older who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have diabetes, speak with your primary care provider before taking Semaglutide.

  • Weekly Red Light Therapy Treatmetns. Red light therapy may aid weight loss through several mechanisms. It can enhance mitochondrial function, boost metabolism, and potentially reduce the size of fat cells. Additionally, the therapy may improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and influence hormonal balance related to appetite and metabolism. While research is ongoing, red light therapy shows promise as a complementary approach to support weight loss efforts. It's crucial to consider it as part of a comprehensive lifestyle strategy, including proper nutrition and exercise, and consult with a healthcare professional before its incorporation.

  • One-on-one meetings with our weight loss prescribers. Our program favorably differentiates from the slew of others by providing real, substantive support. Weekly check-ins with one of our skilled practitioners also provide accountability. The presence of accountability partners has been proven to increase the odds of achieving goals, be it shedding a few pounds or running the first 5K or marathon.

  • Ongoing coaching and weight loss resources. We empower you with all the tools needed to stay in your best health. After completing an online form about your weight, medical history, and personal health goals, we will pair you with a coach to discuss the questionnaire results and embark on this life-changing journey to better health. Additional resources include an online coaching class and weightloss workbook. Generous discounts also help to remove any financial barriers to getting the tools you need for a lifetime of wellness.

$50 charge for consultation which will be applied towards the weight loss program if you enroll.

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