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Elite Lipo

Experience the ultimate in non-invasive body contouring with our Elite Lipo treatment, combining advanced cavitation and radio frequency technologies. Melt away stubborn fat and tighten your skin simultaneously, achieving remarkable same-day results. Rediscover your confidence and reveal a sculpted, youthful appearance with our proven technique that sets a new standard in effective and efficient body transformation.

Dual-Action: Fat Loss & Skin Tigthening

Our Elite Lipo combines cavitation and radio frequency to not only reduce fat but also tighten skin, giving you a comprehensive body enhancement in one treatment

Visible Inch Loss: 1-3" Loss Per Treatment*

Experience the thrill of shedding 1 to 3 inches off your target areas, all while enjoying immediate and lasting results.

Immediate Transformation: 
Same-Day Results*

Experience a noticeable transformation right after your Elite Lipo treatment. Enjoy immediate visible improvements that will continue to enhance as time goes on.

Elite Lipo delivers real results

Fit Bella's Elite lipo is the go-to choice for clients looking to reduce fat and tighten skin. Our professionals are dedicated to bringing you the best service possible, and we take pride in providing the highest quality of treatments to achieve the best results. Our clients' satisfaction is our top priority, and we are confident that our Elite lipo will provide you with the results you desire.

The Process


1. Laser Lipo / Red Light Thearpy


Before ultrasound treatment in Elite Lipo, laser lipolysis or red light therapy is often employed to prepare the targeted fat cells for more effective disruption. By priming the area with these therapies, the fat becomes more susceptible to the subsequent ultrasound cavitation, enhancing the overall fat reduction and contouring results.


2. Dual Cavitaion

Fat Loss

Ultrasonic cavitation breaks up fat by generating high-frequency sound waves that create tiny bubbles in the fat tissue. The rapid expansion and contraction of these bubbles cause the fat cells to break apart, leading to their eventual elimination from the body.


3. Radio Frequencies

Skin Tightening

Radiofrequency (RF) treatments for skin tightening work by delivering controlled heat energy deep into the skin's layers, stimulating collagen production. As collagen fibers contract and remodel, the skin becomes firmer and tighter, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.


4. Drainage


Following ultrasound treatment in Elite Lipo, lymphatic massage or wood therapy may be utilized to enhance lymphatic drainage and assist in the elimination of broken down fat cells. These techniques help to further sculpt the treated area, reduce swelling, and promote a smoother, more contoured appearance, completing the comprehensive fat reduction and body contouring process.

Common Treatment Areas

Shelby Lowrey

I am 8 treatments in on the hourglass treatment. I love the results! You can actually see results after your first treatment. These ladies are professional and knowledgeable!! I highly recommend Fit Bella!!!

Experence the best fat reducton treatment

A techinque that has been perfected, with a treatment time of only 30 mins. Effective and safe with instant results

Credit Card Payment

Elite Lipo x6 

Transform your body with 6 treatments, now available with Bella Care Credit's easy payment plan. Say hello to a slimmer you with 6 simple payments. Book now and discover the difference! 

  • Get the body you've always wanted with Bella Care Credit's Elite Lipo Package.

  • Benefit from 6 treatments with a zero-interest, easy payment plan through our in-house credit line.

  • Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to confidence with simple, interest-free payments.

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